I am a software developer by profession, a nerd by choice, a husband by love, a dad by a bit of insanity, and an illustrator by passion.

I love cartoons, caricatures, and pop culture. Throw those in a blender and you have Art A La me! I have been inspired my whole life by my seventh grade art teacher who drew a sketch during class (while we toiled away at creating bark on a tree) of a skinny little character of which I was in awe. I did strive from the moment I saw it to be able to create works from my mind at which other people could look in amazement. I also love to take what is in front of me and make it mine. That is to say, turn what I see into something new that I have created.

I used my tablet computer for my art at the beginning because it was easy to transport, but now it is my preferred way of creation. It allows for a clean workspace, layering, and the ability to keep my original works. I believe I have a flair for creating works that take something existing from pop culture and providing an entirely unique view of these beloved characters.